Poor dating wealthy

They are masters of stealth wealth, and there’s even a book about ’em! You can share all your sexy stats and milestones here on this blog because it’s a total Safe Zone, but the outside world is anything but, and it’s all designed to take your money Wahhh! Especially with homemade jam given annually by that one mom or aunt that we have who makes them. When he was working at his old place, he didn’t care but now he changed employers and it’s a smaller setting with older people, he’s becoming more conscious about holes. They wonder why he doesn’t at least take care of Baby99to1percent, why we have to take her to daycare :-) Hey J since your picture is all over the net, noone has figured about your blog yet?Our stealth wealth is the fact that we don’t have a car but we also don’t live in a hip or fancy neighborhood. Reply Every now and then when I hit the major media an old friend will email me wondering if it was really me, but most people don’t seem to care about personal finance much so it rarely comes up haha…

Free baby-sitters, a fridge, washer and dryer, and multiple rooms for kids to nap in make it totally worth it.Most of our extra income is going to our mortgage so we can pay it off early and be debt-free!Reply Our stealth wealth trick is not going on fancy vacations.I was 27, not married (yet), no kids, and quite honestly had no idea of what true wealth meant :) These days I still very much want to buy and do whatever my heart pleases, but thankfully I’ve wised up and realized that the only person I want to be impressing now is MYSELF. Much sexier than money, and a lot more attainable the fame! At least nothing substantial enough for a robber to want to pay a visit to my house. @Chris @ Duke of Dollars – I’m TOTALLY down for buying more expensive clothes that last longer, I just rarely go out shopping and so far haven’t found the *perfect* clothes to just keep re-ordering online or else I’d do that in a heartbeat!

To get to this freedom though, you have to be really good at staying out of the “one up” game. On days where my hair doesn’t cooperate and looks more like a mullet than a “style,” my ratty clothes continue carrying on the front, doubly making sure to throw people off my trail… And while some minimalists prefer having only the BEST items around since they’ve gotten rid of everything else, I am decidedly not one of those types as again evidence of my deteriorating wardrobe. At the very least you can appreciate it for cost us $2,200 to live here (!!! My favorite jeans of 10 years were these super sleek Armani Exchange jeans I had picked up for like $30 a pair (bought three! But haven’t found any steals like that in a while which is the *ultimate* route – quality AND cheap!

You’ll have to take me for a spin if we ever meet up in real life :) Reply I work remotely and between keeping my job profile low key and the fact I am ever clad in athletic wear, I think I’ve got stealth wealth down ;) I read the Millionaire Next Door early in my career and it really helped to shape my habits going forward. We all want it and deep down KNOW how to make it happen, but we just don’t care enough yet to pull the trigger.