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This can be done in collaboration with your local Domestic Violence shelter or women’s organisation or police community outreach officers who can work with the community, local schools and local companies to organise and implement talks, townhall meetings and other group sessions to talk about this issue.Domestic Violence Intervention Tip #3: Get your community organised!_________________________________________________________________________ Domestic Violence Intervention Tip #1: Know the signs.The first step to action is to familiarise individuals and the community with the possible signs and indicators of domestic violence.

Someone who may not appear to be a victim of domestic violence may well be suffering in silence and it is important to recognise the signs if this is the case.Domestic Violence Intervention Tip #6: Ring the bell.If you are the neighbour of a family experiencing Domestic Violence, please take the time to ring their bell when you hear a violent situation happening.Domestic Violence Intervention Tip #8: BE the back-up.

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