Pre invalidating

Validation certainly isn't easy at first, but with practice it can become second nature.Very few people come to this naturally - it is a learned skill.As the healthier family member, it falls to us to try to achieve some level of working validation in the relationship - to lead.That often means that we need to be very conscious of the pw BPD high validation needs and try to provide for them in a healthy and constructive way.The mutual validation of feelings is important in all phases of relationships including building, maintaining, repairing, and improving them.To validate someone's feelings is first to accept someone's feelings - and then to understand them - and finally to nurture them. Invalidation, on the other hand, is to reject, ignore, or judge. Let's say one family member has very high validation needs, or one member is invalidating, or both have high validation needs, or both are invalidating?If you're like most people, you probably feel that you are quite adept at validating others. We all know how to validate someone with whom we agree.

We need to fix ourselves (the pw BPD isn't going to fix us) and we need to disengage a bit from the push/pull validation habits common to pw BPD. Under the AIA, a public use may be invalidating whether it occurred within or outside the United States, with a similar but weaker one year grace period applying. Since the AIA uses similar language defining invalidating public use it can be expected that pre-AIA case law and principles will remain relevant, but time shifted to reflect the first to file realities of the AIA. For example, proof of reduction to practice prior to the alleged public use is often relied upon by patent challengers in an effort to establish that the invention was ready for patenting at the time of the use. Patent applications are typically filed early on in the process of developing and commercializing a pharmaceutical drug product. Under pre-AIA Section 102(b), the public use had to be carried out within the United States and more than one year prior to the filing of a patent application in order to be invalidating. Patent and Trademark Office has not opined on whether an experimental use exception remains under the AIA, public use does clearly still remain an impediment to patentability. The legal principles set out above, while seemingly straight-forward enough, leave ample room for case-specific interpretation and application when it comes to the question of whether the use of a claimed invention in connection with carrying out clinical trials will constitute an invalidating public use.It can be as simple as negative body language, a look or not saying something when one would expect something to be said.

Validation, on the other hand, is not mindless submission to another person.

This is not an issue unique to Borderline Personality Disorder - this happens in all types of relationship - and we often do it, too.