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Tho K that can not appreciate Keystone com- edy think that the Night Chief ought to give an account of his prisoners, and that some re| oi-t oii Klit to »)e ma le tor the benefit of the |K lic i »uul the public at liu-Re. Thursday wae the big day, a special traia carrying a large del- egation ot relatives audi trlwid M of the graduates and Slaters from this city. O-ive of what ie l ©st In you anil then you will not be sorry at the end of it all for It is more blessed to give than to receive, end life will have been better for all those whom you haw touched becaiiee you have lived. But I am hopeful, and Indeed confident, tiiat -n-e are appn Mtfkhing a time when there must be peace, when the pressure of the ■Whole world — Annerica and the rent of Details of the :is^:)s-' tia i ion ot the Rev. Ooadneted by th* Xaveiian Brother* Claaslcal, Sc Untlflc and Bu Blneai Course*, Preparatory Department, Lmtsi Swlnu Btna Fool, w«U Bqulppod Oym- -'atam. But this latter claijs doesn't seem to understand the methods of the Key.-^tone police. The oommiencement exerciaes i egan at o'clock and are re- i ( r't, (i to have surpaeeed any ever held at this great center of learn- ing- Many interesting jiai H^rs were That Is the meaning of life on the curtain ot- eternity as Dante W04ild have exprsl Mad it." After h Mmching a campaign for 150,000 tor a g^mnaaliim and aarlm- mlng pool the Alumnae etopt Sd of- ficers as follows- Prealdent. James Oi;.; a jwp- ular young parish priest ul Cork, Ireland, by DIaok and Tans, have Just beeo raoelvad hers, although the attack w Ueh reau Md to Us death was made oa May 17, aa he ■teppad from hia bed. C C, Is In Curragh Internment camp while Father Delahaunty is servi'ng two years for hi* allnge l Repub Ucan activlt Jes. s of priest*; arresteil an l sent 1i ^■laoiiu Juc.j Uia. of ttwe Tenth trnrd TOteni «rp wfalt4^ Refmblic^aiis. Haager, Edward Early and otliere the club approved the appointment of a committee to notify the City and Count)' Committee of Its action. Tlwae can be settled tiairly Bud squarely In the primary in a maonar that no defeated candidate can reeent. ■3BB; DEMOCRATS Chiltk Mi m Mclit M plaaa to knock the nogro oat., erte oo Miilerliiir th« faot that only^S ver oant. Proaeicutlng Attorney of Po- lice Comtf Oouirty Clerk and a few otbeia. N'otii' Danie'B .-^'vonty-itievenith conim«ii( 'nirnt on Monday, when ninety-'two students reecived their d egrc e a . An ezpoeition of the work done in hoepita48 by dtaabled war reter- ana wi'U be held In Ban Fraooisoo the flrat week in August, ia 000- npoti m with the thlrty-inlnitib iuter- natlonel convedit'ion of the Knigbts of ("olunibu B. Bruce excused the failni« ot the local' adfiitelatntak Mi. Bruce, came to criticising the race track he directed his fight on the owners Hn l operators, or iji other w )r Is the men higher up. MGHMANNi X Coi Tfane is Near Whiiii Tbeco li Mt Be I^ M y la Ireland. Iceland can get anything she wants •—anything at all. to a Uw gam- bling and' cormirtlon on the po Hce force, and' ihad no ctdtlctsm tor the city officials or the men higher up. The speaker made the point that If he was con- sistent Mr. • ot •t l M Wai B ^'111 Thus Far Nothtog That is (;unsidrring, land's claim upon any particular form of govevniment that Ireland ha.- ailoiiifi! That is wbaid we hear wfhispered about hy those tbait are suppo8e l to be in the in I am taking back to Australia a ner circle and are able to explore ine.'vsag'e to, the i eople and can say evenues that probably are cloised to with confidence that If there are me. Laaar, Manager Meney Adrancod on Your PI«U SIS Weat Je Beraon (Beoend Fleer t Plwae OXr t Ul JOHN ASSENT PIANO TDHEB l Oa O SABV BUBBVn Avmu B He me Phoae. The matlbr wa-s brought to the attention of the Democratic voters by the oft-re- peuted contention in the colunms of the Kentucky Irish American that a convention could oeveir tairiy set- tle contests between caod Maitaa. "Bob" Page is a type of the younger Denjocracy who will iiwplre aappoit it choaeni as the Btondard bearer, and If elected Mayor wni be a tearleaa and effl - ctenit executive who wi U wiear no man's collar. In awe of Searcy aa they were ot Hert and they have already gone gunning for the post ot MMIoiial Oommi Mee- mlan and a aucesasor for Searcy aa ai Nte Cbalrman. who is twej|ty-eight yeai-s of age and weighing 200 pounds, distin- guished himself by assaulting Mr. owner of the Realty Building, who is 8i»ty-flve years of age and weighs 125 pounds. Jonnard was badly beaten by the Republican League Secretary. Now ttaa Jackaon Clnb, a* a capra- ■entaitl Ta body of Democrate, 1mm Indorsed tbat view, and fonow1n« speecbea liy Judge Mulr Welssinger. If la to be hoped tbat the Democratic leaders can penraade Mr. On top ot thto •traggila (or political power In his own party Boas Searcy le finding trouble* galore. The row ctarted becauae the Superln- tendent ot the building objected U ■esro polticiai M nmtaig and rfwear- tog to front of white glri atraogra- phera while riding op and down on the eievatora. men and women., are frequerat vl»- Itors to the Repub Ucan headquar- ters, and filled with their own ini- portanre us aid'-.s to the "reform" adir.anistilaion.

Attorney Beckham Overs-l reoi in an address at the Jackson Cluli ex j KVied the inconisistencle*: of Helm Bruce, a note^l leader and worker for the prct M^nt "reform" odmlnte- tration. Overstreet said tbat at the mass meeting held at the Qj Vfy Smith Tabernacle reeentlr Mr. Patrhik Walsh was oallad upon, and in a shomt address he irevlawsd the exie Ung conditions to Irtdaad and made plato the proposed Domlntoa home rule and partition, Far Hamie Bts do not in any wav guarantae tha people tlteir rights or freedom. But it must not be forgottfl B that a living wage paid to employes should in justice be the first charge on industry — that It dividend? wliicli lias iune 22-23- St I'Nerl church picnic and outing, on church gronnds, Floyd and Woodbine. Uve li Outoianito M tor the parn Maeat pub Mc reooga Utae-. Father Diomede dolfrered the address end Mtoa Elanor r((»ldor spoke on "Amwrtca's r »bt fo Catho Mctty." Mi^.- ARnen K«atne r ww the aalulatofrlan and Camp Taylor Hospital Area Conaiating of 100 Buildings and Their Equipment and 90 Acres of Choice Fert Ue Land Wi U Be Sold AT ABSOLUTE auction! June 21, And Continuing Daily Until Land, Buildings and Equipment Are Sold The eqipment in these buildings was the best obtainable and compe^ tent judges say that th^ lumber that went into the conatruction of the buildings in the Hospital Area was by far the best quality of material used in any part of ^e Cantonment* Plumbing Equipment Heating Equipment The plumbing fixtures are of the b At quality obtainable. UIMIIOP BOYXR The roiiaeorotoia of Ri Rhit Rar Hush Boyile aa RIb IMP of Fi Uita. Father Walsh ivviewed the recent election re- sults. Jnaa Sa— Moonlight excursion of Jaskao B Dwnoeratic Club. RBa ETVBD Df PIi OMAftr The Ui Fsaline Academy oomn MBe*- ment exerclaee were held Thursday e Tenit HK bj I St. Shelby and Qray, when t w«ntjr-elcht suc- oeeeful pupilto reoetveid. There nie tunny porcelain slop sinks, porcelain BUri^eal (dnka, porcelain toilets and porcelain urinnis, as well as numerous toilets nith irhite enamel tanks of the low reservoir type, and bath tabs, all complete with the lateat fittingf^ THE BUILDINGS The buildings are of Tarioui si Ms, ranging from those a few feet square to large double wards 98zl67» and tim^e ' wards 24xl.'')7. Btoauor Redder, Qeae«4e T6 Radar, lora&a Cutain«n-, BHaebeih Demt Mn KAr. Maroetta Ko Hi-osti, Kathleen Heman, Mar- gnret Maroella, ETi«abeth. bu TBh Wi U take pl«oe to the Gatbe- preaeuted for four cfctaitlooa received drail at Pitl»bursh on Jinit» 29 the daitec Ssptember ana October ta Feaet of 8te, Petar and Paul. MCRHMTHBH DBSIONBR AMD Bm U BR ABTXf TIO H0MS8 STAHKS BVILDIKO TKUBPHONEB City 9196 0. t HCET MBTAL WORKS Tn Porpoi Btfd GALVANIZED IRON CORNICES AND SKYLIGHTS TIN. MAMFACTL'RERS FINE CANDIES Candy rullingsand Wheels a Si ecialt ' 1930 West Market Street Pboae Shawnee S347 WILLIAM M. Baejr tenia JOHN OGLE COMPANY SEVENTH AND JEFFFBRSON STREETS ^ LOXna VILUI, DR. BECKER OPTOMRBl Mr Practice limited to diacnosing and correcting defects of Byealglit by the fitting of proper glaaaes. If they caitch an offender he find* *t eaay to fool' them an4j get away, and if aeiit to lail or the nrankfort peniteutlary he 'or she oani 4eave whenever they care to. All facts coaoamtog the aaeaastaatlon of the young prieet were suppressed by Dublin Castle authorities, none of the foreign correspondents l)elng permitteid to cable news of tlie at- tack to their .\newspapers. His ap- proach was lieard liy Father O'Cal laghan, who wa.i asleep on the top floor and^ wlio had been by the commotion below stairs. C ie serving three years penal servitude in an English eon Viet prison: Father Bur bage, C. Jl THlsb Crown, forcee are FMter Oaynor and Fatlier lle- Kenna. Both priests were arreeted following a raid upon tbe parish houee. I Mtt Mc and Dancing j„ly 19 — Sixth annual plcnilc and chicken dlnmer for benefit of St.

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