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The first LIDAR survey of the Mexican site of Angamuco uncovered 20,000 previously undiscovered features, including entire pyramids missed by the ground surveys!Mark my words: when the Amazon Basin and the highlands of Peru are surveyed with LIDAR, we can expect spectacular, incredible, and mind-boggling discoveries to be made.

It's fascinating how impenetrable this part of the world is.Because the ancient inhabitants of the region buried their dead in caves, these caverns likely hide major necropolises, ossuaries, and other archaeological treasures.It has been alleged that during the Contra war people were thrown out of helicopters into these gaping sinkholes, so there may be more awaiting the explorer than prehistoric burials.Are there other places around the world that might be out there, hidden?

There are certainly more lost cities hidden in the heavily jungled mountains of Mosquitia.

The book deals with the history of efforts to explore the legendary “White City,” and more recent efforts from archeologists to track down its location.