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While some women have no other option than the free healthcare provided by the NHS, more and more expecting mums are willing to pay out of their pocket for private maternity scans at every stage of their pregnancy. When you look closely at the benefits of going private, you can see why it is becoming so popular among mothers who can afford the option.(To be honest, when you check the prices, it is not as expensive as you might think.) Here is a rundown of the top reasons why you should consider private maternity scans.

Package 3 £110.00 from 24 weeks 3D/4D bonding scan with 2 printed colour images, a disc with every image, a DVD and a heartbeat bear recorded with your baby's heartbeat. Each scan includes 2 printed images and a disc with every image on.Our 4D GOLD scan is our all inclusive package and includes an important fetal well-being scan and any special requests. Our obstetric and healthcare services are based on medical background and it is important that with every ultrasound scan a full assessment is performed so any follow up which may be required can be arranged.Working closely with GP’s, midwives, healthcare professionals and individuals we ensure continuity of care, with the primary importance placed on the quality of service provided, giving reliable results and affordable medical care.No waiting lists, no GP referral required and same day, evening and weekend appointments all available.

Other services include, pregnancy ultrasound scans from 6 – 42 weeks, chromosomal screening for Down’s syndrome screening using the optimal test, Addmark® which gives the highest detection rate of 93% with additional reassurance of Pre-eclampsia screening if required.

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