Ps1 dating sim

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But it has nothing on Baldur's Gate, which uses intraparty conversations to tremendous effect, up to and including the creation of tension and schisms within the party based on your actions and alignment. : And of course Baldur's Gate plays nothing at all like Bravely Default, being based wholly in Dungeons & Dragons. : Like Baldur's Gate, Persona 4 goes heavy on the party interaction; in fact, you could make a case that the combat RPG stuff is secondary to the character RPG stuff. : Persona 4 toes the line between dating sim and role-playing game; it stays safely within RPG territory, though, because romantic dalliances are only a single facet of the many kinds of social interaction you experience in the game. Well, also, there's the thing about a party of two men and two women teaming up to discover the mystery behind the way the elemental crystals have been disrupted and are poisoning the world.

But in truth, it's a solid and underrated game worthy of rediscovery. : It didn't sell terribly well, so you may be able to find some remaindered copies somewhere.