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She could have faced a felony charge, but was not formally charged with a crime.She succesfully completed a court-ordered drug education program and charges were dropped.So I had known Kerry for several months, and I knew all his good points.Like, he talks in his sleep – basically, that’s how I found out he liked me. He doesn’t even remember.” – D’arcy Wretzky on how she met her ex-husband Kerry Brown.D’arcy Elizabeth Wretzky is the original bassist for The Smashing Pumpkins.Known for her trademark platinumblonde hair and rather laconic persona, D’arcy’s tenure with the Pumpkins lasted through 6 albums, before abruptly leaving in the midst of recording for “Machina/The Machines of God” to reportedly pursue an acting career.

During those sessions, D’arcy had to sneak out of her house just to attend band practice. They had a lot of help from Joe Shanahan, the manager of the Cabaret Metro, who booked them with many gigs.“I never could have withstood being in a band without training from growing up with my sisters.It started when I was born – my older sister was very jealous.(D’arcy Wretzky and Billy Corgan) “[It was at a] local Chicago goth club called The Avalon.

They played that Bryan Ferry song at Avalon every night at the close, when they were kicking everyone out.

D’arcy has also contributed vocals for Filter’s ‘Take A Picture’ and ‘Cancer’.’ “In high school, I was buddies with guys. But I was always interested in some man I didn’t know at all. Kerry and I knew each other from the studio [he’s a drummer]; then he came on tour with us [for the group’s first album, Gish] as a producer.