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4 of 2009, which regulates the sponsorship, employment, and residence of expatriate workers.The law provides for the transfer of workers to other sponsors under certain conditions, but in practice workers are rarely able to secure the No Objection Certificates that they require from their existing sponsor to transfer legally to another sponsor.

In Qatar, it is codified into law under the terms of Law No.On June 5, the minister of labor added to the confusion when he announced that the model contract being developed by his ministry will determine whether or not a worker will require an exit visa to leave Qatar and whether or not they will receive a No Objection Certificate at the end of their contract.In July 2014, the Qatar Foundation, a quasi-governmental organization heavily engaged in property development, issued a report on recruitment practices.Migrant workers are prohibited from unionizing or engaging in strikes, although they make up 99 percent of the private sector workforce.

Many migrant workers are obliged to live in cramped, unsanitary conditions, especially those working without documentation.

Qatar has enjoyed a reputation as a center for media freedom in the region, but a new cybercrime law poses a serious threat to freedom of expression.