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TEOWAWKI may never happen to the whole world at once, but it certainly happens on a small scale all the time.If your home burns down and everything familiar to you is gone, your world as you have known it to date has just ended.

Learn to identify or grow types of plants useful in the production of cloth and how to process each.2011 Safecastle Freedom Awards -- a "New Media" Survivalist Contest Don had been in charge of posting entries in the Safecastle Freedom Awards writing contest, but he's been super-dooper busy lately so he forwarded the entries to me. Just FYI, the contest prizes were modified due to poor economic conditions. Maybe then I wouldn’t have failed so miserably when I finally owned my own property. The most important tool in prepping is knowledge followed closely by experience and equipment.We need to have all entries posted by the end of the year, then we'll submit the winner to the Safecastle folks. Now that I live the prepper’s life, I understand how much I could have been doing while I still lived in the city. In our society, we purchase everything but know little about how to provide these things for ourselves.Prepping can be as simple as learning how to cook or bake without electricity, though, you will learn that ‘simple’ is a relative term.

You can train yourself on open fires, Dutch ovens, solar ovens, a wood stove or an earthen stove.

Even a small garden will provide you with a world of information.

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