Quotes about dating jerks

Cancer is usually sweet, but she can also be a huge jerk because she can sometimes be oblivious to the fact that she can be SUPER rude. Cancer can be a jerk sometimes because her laziness trumps EVERYTHING.Like, if she knows it’s her roommate’s turn to clean up the house, she’ll be SUPER lazy the whole week and leave her trash around everywhere. If you're friends with a woman like this, TALK WITH HER. Admit it — you know at least one person who is a straight up jerk (i.e. You know — that person who unashamedly makes fun of others while being completely boastful when it comes to their own accomplishments? The best thing you can do is AVOID these jerks, or at least tell them how it is before you cut them from your life. She's totally obnoxious, doesn't give two cents about what other people think, and couldn't care less about offending you, or anyone else, for that matter.

Taurus appreciates total honesty, so if you're that way with her, she's bound to bond with you on a level not may people can say they have.Although there may no longer be any outside threats, or need to hunt and gather in the western world today, many of these instinctual traits remain.A lot of jerks today seemingly have more to provide; jerks are not afraid to step on other people to get ahead or to be as ruthless as necessary to secure their own means.The "I'm right about everything" attitude that women seem to adore.