Rabbit speed dating

something she usually does when she’s not happy or stressed out.And to be quite honest, when I saw other rabbits sidle over and start humping away… I couldn’t tell if Baxter was happy or ok with things, or just sort of, uh… Again, we were told that her not running away or fighting was a good sign.We got a good response from Red Door Animal Shelter (where Liz Rench works) and set up an appointment.Essentially, this was a “bunny speed date” night for Baxter.There wasn’t a lot of fighting or running away, which we were told was a good sign.At first, Baxter got pretty puffed up around the other rabbits…The few photos I have here won’t do it justice, but the video (below) gives a good sense. After maybe 10 minutes, she seemed a bit more relaxed and was actually moving around and exploring a bit.I was joking with Liz that taking Baxter to meet other rabbits was equivalent to taking your kid to school for the first time.

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Walking in to this room was something else – fluffy cuteness, as far as the eye could see. She was actually doing way better than we expected.Your bunny may enjoy the companionship of another rabbit.With February being Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month, why not schedule a speed dating session at your local rabbit rescue or shelter?Here are some videos of the various rabbit she met: I felt like an idiot asking this, but after seeing some of the vigorous humping… All of the rabbits had been fixed, so there was no danger of baby bunnies.

But the mounting I guess was more of a control/dominance thing (and females can just as easily mount males, as I understand it).

You sort of secretly hope and pray your kid is’t some kind of psychotic, anti-social child… We had some concerns that Baxter, being so used to living on her own, might end up being a more dominant/bossy bunny.