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I don't believe a Property Changed event is needed to update the List Box. NET 4.0 because I've read in versions below, the databinding isn't really correct yet.The first step is that the list has to be a And the third thing is, when calling this function (getter) in the Data Context class to bind the data to the List Box, the classname has to be used instead of an instance of that class!

Copy Machine Key and Validation Key Values Another very important item to copy over is your machine and validation keys from the old_web.config file.When using non-tabular data sources such as lists, or arrays, you can bind only Y values, regardless of the type of data-binding method used.This is because columns cannot be specified for X values and other chart properties, such as Tooltip.When I add or remove a User, the list doesn't get updated. an observable collection raises Property Changed for properties of each item like if you had a Is Door Closed Property it would update removing an element raises a Collection Changed event on Doors but the UI is not updated since a Property Changed event was not Raised on the Bound Property Doors .

I have to reload the view (restart the application) to update it. you need to Raise A Property Changed event on Doors on each Collection Changed of Doors .

So my question is if there is a special Rad Chart type or some option to set to get the chart to autoupdate when one of the collection mapped as Data Series changes. Here is the code i use to create the chart: After a lot of searching and tests i found out that telerik's charts are slow and sometimes used memory start to increse costantly if you do not use Queue to drw your chart.

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