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In the same vein, more and more consumers are self-identifying themselves as individuals who want to continue ongoing relationships with a business or brand.The dialogue exchanged between customers and companies can be highly beneficial for both sides, and build and strengthen a sense of community, which is the fundamental purpose of social media.

Hollender says Seventh Generation uses social media to involve the company?Until recently, corporate social responsibility among businesses has revolved around risk mitigation and self-regulation – instilled to make sure companies would abide by the law and perform ethically.Today, CSR functions as more than just a set of guidelines to keep companies out of trouble.s community members with the creation and branding of new products.

“We communicate with our people about everything from how they can help us magnify our green message, to what scent we should choose for our next eco-friendly laundry detergent,” said Hollender.

For me, that transformation was simply the alignment of my spirit – who I was internally – to my physical appearance.

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