Rake db migrate not updating schema

Most have relied on storing DDL in revision control, ever vigilant to ensure that our database creation scripts are updated and consistent with each rollout.That solution can be very clumsy in an Extreme Programming project.You can usually fix it by running “git checkout db/&& rake db:reset && rake db:migrate”. When I was first introduced to branched databases, rainbows appeared, unicorns flew through the air, all those songs on the radio suddenly made sense, and Clarence Odbody from finally got his wings.In your development and testing environments each git branch should have its own isolated database.Then, when someone checks out your branch, they and “rake db:setup” know exactly what the schema should look like.Before comitting a change in it’s a good idea to diff it.They are particularly relevant when working on large-ish teams and codebases, but even hobby projects can benefit.

Every time you need to change the data model for any given enhancement one or both of these files must change.

Mine usually end up being called create_and populate_