Ranbir kapoor and avantika malik dating

Ranbir was spotted regularly on the sets of Just Mohabbat but both of them couldn’t retain their relationship and avantika fell for Emraan Khan.

You are right,she is now Emraan Khan’s wife but once sh was Ranbir kapoor arm’s-candy.In a span of 4 years Ranbir Kapoor, has dated over 8 girls from B-town.Here are a few girls he supposedly fell in love with: 1) Avantika Malik Hardly would people want to believe this but it’s true.Their relationship gave a huge popularity to that film.

They dated for nearly two years(2007-2009) But their relationship was not destined and relationship couldn’t be retained for long time as Deepika revealed that they wouldn’t have broke up if she had not caught her boyfriend cheating.

But unfortunately the pretty girl did not fall for his charm and fell for Imran Khan (Amir Khan’s nephew) instead whom she is married to now.