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In the run-up to Christmas she even helped out in a friend's restaurant to get some cash.She admits it's quite a step down for a girl who was one of the youngest directors in her last company.Bee Moe $lim has been dubbed, “Da Pride of Da Southside”, a title reflecting his origin and the self-confidence displayed within his style of music. T Spring Bling in 2005 I was captured by an artist by the name of D-Lyne out of Miami Florida.A native of College Park, GA (southside of Atlanta), Bee Moe $lim represents the dedication, work ethic, perseverance and style that makes Atlanta the Mecca for southern styled hip-hop and … He comes with a rugged yet very lyrical smooth sound that even R&b lovers will enjoy.One in 15 under-35s have already dropped out of paid work to pursue ' self-improvement', while half plan to do so in the future.She speaks to several psychotherapists who are seeing as many people in the midst of thirtysomething burnout as they do those with mid-life crises.

In the September Issue - the brilliant documentary about American Vogue - we all wanted to be Grace Coddington, the rebellious, couldn't careless character rather than the ice queen that was editor-in-chief Anna Wintour.Banks cites figures claiming around one in ten black men in their early thirties are in prison and that two black women graduate from college for every black man, elevating the women into the middle classes, while the men remain in the lower classes.Banks also suggests that while statistically black women are least likely to marry into other races, their loyalty to black men is ‘noble’ yet counterproductive and they should look to white, Latino or Asian men as potential partners.'Some nights I worried that someone from my old job would come in and see me waiting tables,' she says, 'But then I had to remind myself that I'm happier now than I ever was.

'In the past few months, I've spent time with my grandmother, who isn't going to be around for ever, I'm there for friends who need me and I'm just so relaxed.

She had got to the place she'd always wanted to be and realised that. The more she talked to them, the more she realised that a huge proportion of women in their 30s were going through the same thing.

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