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Whether you’re looking for a long-term relationship or some casual fun - our vast community has you covered!They are a fitting and moving introduction to our exhibition on the lives of Ethiopian Jews in Israel, Operation Moses: 30 Years After.All photographs are 1983 silver prints They are from the Ambober, Wolleka, Abba Entonis and Shewada villages.Grabowicz, "The Nexus of the Wake: Shevchenko’s Trizna" 320 Patricia Kennedy Grimsted, "Lviv Manuscript Collections and Their Fate" 348 Tibor Halasi-Kun, "Evliya celebi as Linguist" 376 Shirô Hattori, "The Place of Tatar among the Turkic Languages" 383 Walther Heissig, "A Note on the Custom of Sererlekui" 394 Patricia Herlihy, "Greek Merchants in Odessa in the Nineteenth Century" 399 Olexa Horbatsch, "Turksprachige Lehnworter im Dialekt der Donec’ker Asow- Griechen in der Ukraine" 421 Halil Inalcik, "The Khan and the Tribal Aristocracy: The Crimean Khanate under Sahib Giray I" 445 Gy.

Káldy-Nagy, "The Holy War jihãd in the First Centuries of the Ottoman Empire" 467 Edward Kasinec, "Ivan Ohienko Metropolitan Ilarion as Bookman and Book Collector: The Years in the Western Ukraine and Poland" 474 Edward L.

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