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Yet Elizabeth Hall (d.1998) did not have the advantage of the recent excavations, which bear out the Speed map, while Compass refer to no cartographic evidence prior to the 1854 OS map.Every map apart from the Alnwick shows walls in positions which can be directly related to the recent findings.The parts of the house attributed to Henry Clerke (active 1607-30) and his son Sir Francis (active 1630-84), run north from the South wing and include an anachronistic Great Hall and a converted stable block.Significantly neither of these new built sections has views back onto the earlier garden and indeed appear to have been further separated from it by a wall at the end of the 17th century.We take as our starting point the following: Gardens are a sensitive barometer of economic activity, for in times of hardship there are no resources for new creations, and sums available for maintenance are reduced.Just as they reflect the financial climate, so too are they an expression of the artistic and social pursuits of their times.

Thus likewise “ the Tower (of London) as a whole is not shown in its correct position relative to the City wall” (ibid, p.vii).

Yet in both these editions St Margaret’s Church is much more drastically misplaced, and its identity might be questioned were there not a written identification in one edition.

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