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Too much time is filled with drawn-out scenes and new songs (also by Ahrens and Flaherty) that are not as memorable...As directed by Tresnjak, it looks elegant, moves seamlessly and makes unusually great use of background digital projections.

They have in Altomare a near-perfect heroine whose only flaw is her flawlessness; as Anstasia, she seems too blandly resilient for anything more complex than a cartoon character’s reinvention... A similar quality—or, rather, lack of distinguishing qualities—applies to the two men vying for her…‘Anastasia’ is surprisingly mild.” Full Review "The show, despite being filled with some very good songs and performances, suffers from its own identity crisis.

Director Tresnjak, together with much of that first-class design team, weave an enchanting spell." Full Review "It may go over with the ' Wicked'-' Annie'-' Matilda' tween-girl crowd, but this live cartoon is not for adults...