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When it came to my body it stopped for 2 seconds and then it splitted me in half. I grabbed it, but it didn't appear in my Inventory. If you can't read the text that is backwards, then here, I reversed it.

The game shutdowned, but I haven't pressed anything. There was lava, red blocks and some flags that looked like checkpoints. When I got to the 9th checkpoint, suddenly a cutscene started. A scream started to play, as the figure started moving. It was a bit hard, but after minutes and minutes of trying, I finally did it. I jumped on it, and the rockets fired at the figure's face. He guessed my password for the wikia, and so I changed it.

Isn't it cruel that you abandoned them, and now that they are dead?

And the name was 'Call For Help' he was starting to chat 'Call For Help,' and then another player joined. Then statues that looked like the players from Mad Games.

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