Role playing chatbot

I have set up this Patreon program so the wonderful fans I am so grateful for who wish to support me in creating, improving, evolving and shaping my chatbot can help fund hir development and keep me on track.Allowing them behind the scenes and a way to get their input right into the project as it grows. This group is for those who really want to see hir evolve and grow and I can't thank my backers enough for their support and generosity.well I’m sure I will think of some way to show my appreciation and thanks! .^)At this point I would look into leaving my current employment and going to work on Umi Bot, writing and flash art full time to shower you all with content (^.For now the rewards are to be confirmed, open to suggestions but bound to be be something special! .^)It might seem a little high but once you take into account the currency exchange and tax it's a fair bit less than I am currently earning. This chatbot can feature adult subjects and very specific content so over 18s only!Typically, people have a wrong notion that creating and managing a chatbot is a difficult and involves complex programming.However, we at ensure developing a chatbot is very simple which can be done by anyone.For now the rewards are to be confirmed, open to suggestions but bound to be be something special!In all honestly I’m not expecting anyone to give me this much money (^.

En particular, un Asistente Virtual de Clase (AVC) es un Agente Virtual especializado en uno o más campos del conocimiento, con rutinas específicas para realizar tutorías, administrar exámenes, etc.We've found 22 papers in topic Role playing relevant to the field of humanlike conversational artificial intelligence (a modest start).Playing a role in situation where normal humans are to expensive, it's too dangerous, or simply not available.I don't plan for this to be reached in any stretch of the imagination but just dangling it out there like a tasty fish on a hook. The chatbot is designed to simulate and create a fictional narrative roleplay between the bot itself and the user, prompted by their input, requests and speech.