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"These results show that people who expect rejection may simply refrain from writing, unless the site gives them an encouragement to do so." The results were similarly discouraging for female users.

With the female sample, tall women were the ones who tended to view the most profiles.Piskorski found that women, and in particular older ones, were most likely to write to a man once they saw him through Quiver.This finding suggested that the Quiver functionality helped women to overcome the normative restriction of making the first move.In fact, the $2 billion online dating industry comprises more than 14,000 businesses, according to the consultancy

Piskorski decided to home in on OKCupid, a general-interest dating site that boasts more than 3 million members.

And whom do they really help—those who face most problems interacting in the offline world, or those who generally have little trouble meeting people?