Ross matthews dating

The star is living happily with his partner of 10 years, stylist Salvador Camarena and we are speculating the pair might tie the knot soon!

When Ross aired his grievance at Geri 'Scary Spice' Halliwell quitting the band in 1998 before their US tour, saying he felt she owed him one fifth of his concert ticket for not being there, Mel exclaimed, 'What a b****!Camarena is a celebrity stylist and fashion correspondent.The couple appeared in an episode of The pair has been living together for a long time and owns a house.Mathews is officially gay and he represents the LGBTQ community.

When he started his career as an intern, there were only a small number of LGBTQ people on TV and others weren't happy with him representing the community. All in all, we wish the inspiring pair a very happy married life ahead.

The season 19 'Celebrity Big Brothers' has finally ended on 25 February 2018.