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He had begun to doubt not only church creeds and doctrines, but also God and the Bible itself.At this critical juncture a chance encounter restored his faith and placed him under the influence of Second Adventist preacher Jonas Wendell.Russell, however, rejected some of the new ideas and persuaded other members to oppose them.Finally, Russell quit the staff of the Adventist magazine and started his own.But other disappointed followers kept the movement alive, although in fragmented form.

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The upshot was that Russell became the magazine's financial backer and was added to the masthead as an assistant editor.Then, in 1987, David Koresh took over the leadership position, and the tragedy that followed is public knowledge.Jehovah's Witnesses, likewise, trace their roots back to the Adventists.He called it and Herald of Christ's Presence and published its first issue with the date July, 1879.

In the beginning it had the same mailing list as The Herald of the Morning and considerable space was devoted to refuting the latter on points of disagreement, Russell having taken with him a copy of that magazine's mailing list when he resigned as assistant editor.

When this expected Rapture failed to occur on time in 1878, The Herald's editor, Mr.