Russian orthodox dating rules and marriage

This individual should be chosen very carefully for he/she is very important.In the strict interpretation of the Church, the Koumbaros/Koumbara is not the same as the best man/maid of honor, although they can be the same individual in a wedding.In other Christian celebrations of Marriage, the best man or maid of honor is considered to be legal witness to the ceremony.

You may have in your wedding party both a Koumbaros/Koumbara and a best man/maid of honor, or they may be the same person.You are urged, if you are an Orthodox Christian, to receive the sacrament of Confession and the sacrament of Holy Communion as preparation for your marriage.By doing so you will bring a new vitality, a spirit, and bond to your marriage that will enhance and deepen your lives.The non-Orthodox spouse must have been baptized in a Christian Church that baptizes in the Name of the Holy trinity.

A marriage between an Orthodox Christian and a non-Christian or an individual not baptized in the name of the Holy Trinity can not be celebrated in the Eastern Orthodox Church.

If the Orthodox partner had a previous marriage blessed in the Orthodox Church, the original ecclesiastical divorce decree must be given to the priest. A civil license must be obtained from the Court House of Greenville county (at University Ridge).