Ryan phillippe dating 2016

It’s interesting to discover that I did actually possess that patience and focus. I don’t own any myself but I did enjoy that challenge and to see how easy it was to make mistakes.Are you committed to this series, which may go on for years?Before I get too old, I like doing all this action (laughs).

Also, what’s great about it — as you get older, certain issues become more important to you.He also worked as body double for Robin Thicke during production of the music video for Thicke's "Sex Therapy." He also appeared in Christina Aguilera's 2012 music video for Your Body as he had previously worked with the video director.LOS ANGELES—“We haven’t created little monsters,” Ryan Phillippe said with a laugh but with obvious pride about coraising with his ex-wife, Reese Witherspoon, their two kids—Ava and Deacon, 12 and 16, respectively.Sometimes, when you are in the same industry, there’s a feeling of never being able to escape it. Because of the dedication that was required to instill those things in them, I feel like we have less to worry about now as they go into their teenage years. Bad parenting comes back to bite you because you have not given them the tools to handle themselves as they age. We spend a lot of time going to museums and studying art together. I was always into drawing and painting, and so is she. It has calmed down for everyone to some degree because there isn’t as much money in it anymore, with the proliferation of blogs and with the magazine industry taking a hit. My interest has to do with my having traveled for work very early on, spending time in hotels and getting to evaluate restaurants all over the world in a way that a lot of young people don’t get to. I have had lots of experiences with an assortment of guns but never the sniper rifle.

I like the fact that my lady doesn’t care too much about film and television, and she has a lot of other interests. So that’s something we can spend time doing together. The stakes aren’t as high because the money isn’t as good. That’s what I have already done to an extent as an actor. The technique to use that effectively is very specific.

In our recent talk, Ryan also talked about his fiancée, Paulina Slagter, a student who plans to be a lawyer for civil and human rights, causes that are close to his heart.