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I'm continuing here instead of starting over somewhere else b/c my memories in this space date back to our wedding day over 6 years ago and I want to keep everything together. You can find in this page the list of television series here at Watch Series.

Like I said, I just want to see him get the help I believe he desperately needs, at the end of the day he is Destiny's father.She was partnered with Louis Van Amstel and again did quite well in the competition until she was sent home once again after the sixth week despite getting a perfect score on her performance for that week of competition.After her first season on Dancing with the Stars, Bryan stayed close to the show as a behind-the-scenes correspondent interviewing different contestants in Season 8, 10, 11 and 12.While Raven-Symone started as a child actor and went on to become a big star and earned praise for the way she revealed her sexual orientation, I always wonder about the three other girls in the cast. The quadruple threat star definitely forged her own path in the entertainment industry.

I know that they became the real-life version of the The Cheetah Girls (or TCG), and two of them, Kiely Williams and Adrienne Bailon were originally in the girl group 3LW, (remember their big hit "No More (Baby I'ma Do Right)"? After the success of The Cheetah Girls, Bailon, Williams and Bryan took the TCG show on the road, recording albums and touring as the real-life version of the band from their films.

Fans had been voting, Tweeting and showing their support for either Sabrina, Kyle Massey or Carson Kressley as they vied for the final roster spot.