Safety dating tips women

Look to see how many friends he has on social media accounts.

Thankfully, there are plenty of things you can to do minimize the risks and ensure you don’t end up going on a date with someone who has malicious intentions.See if their answers are consistent, and if any red flags pop up during online chats or email/phone conversations.Do a reverse search of his profile picture, checking to make sure it matches his social media profiles.A recent study confirmed that a staggering 33 percent of couples who married in 2013 first met online.

That’s compared to 25 percent who met through work, less than 20 percent who met through friends, and fewer than 10 percent who met randomly (i.e., at a nightclub).

It can give you a way out if things are going poorly, and allows you to check in with a friend to let him or her know you’re OK.