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Also check out their collection of thousands of free, seamless textures, also Creative Commons licensed.And this page of free animations, building tools and avatar and skin templates.

It’s a backup file which includes the region terrain and all the objects, textures and scripts that are located on that region.Currently, the site offers a selection of free terrains in the form of OAR files, and some texture sets.All items on the site are distributed under a Creative Commons license, and are free to modify and customize.OAR files are a great way to get a large amount of content up to your grid all at once.

Many make great ready-to-go welcome regions or classroom settings.

Includes large houses with courtyards, small thatched palapas, and a model of the Temple of the Inscriptions Maya pyramid from Palenque, Mexico. Educa Sim by Odomia’s Jean-Marie Louche, distributed free for non-commercial use. Gone City by 3D artist Ruben Haan is a floating city in the sky. An educational game spanning several regions, designed to teach Philippine history.