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However, we live in Internet time, and the Internet has enabled me to find books that I would never have been able to find formerly. The intent was to scan it in and OCR it (convert it automatically to computer readable text).Unfortunately, the programs in the book had been reproduced from listings made on a dot matrix printer, and attempts to OCR it yielded nothing but garbage.Some were not so useful, such as printing control characters here and there.

In this collection I found most every file accounted for.That fact usually brings yawns until you note that this was where Microsoft got their start, beginning with a couple of college drop outs and ending. Passed from hand to hand, copied without a care, even from the writers of the programs themselves. [1] To be fair, the "golden age" of simple line oriented basic started in 1964, with the Dartmouth timeshare system, and continued though minicomputer amazingly short time all things considered, with an empire that could purchase outright several small countries. In fact, some of the microcomputer Basic games here are recodes of games running on those systems.Whilst there may be some overlapping in text choice and possible topic area, ideally every student will bring an individual and original approach to the assignment.

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