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The new addition has since been named Sasha which means Alexander in Russian.The pair started dating in 2010 and they already have a two year old son, Milan.After months of speculations, the trio hit studios and put together the first P. Titled Plan B, the album calmed nerves a bit, especially for die-hard Plantashun Boiz fans who had missed the group sorely.We’re still patiently awaiting the videos…It’s six years since the historic ‘ehen pt 1’ where Ruggedman took eedris, Rasqui, Maintain and Black Reverendz to the cleaners.

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Same for the Nigerian music awards which despite myriad logostic and credibility problems, moved a large chunk of the showbiz industry to Abuja for a weekend.Same for debuting rapper Sasha who crashed er Toyota Camry few months back. And, for acts who are naturally nocturnal species, they constantly paid for it with their cars…thank God no lives were lost this year (and thankfull,y the roads are getting better too…)The decades-old rivalry between Sikiru Ayinde Barrister and Ayinla Kollington was revived again in 2006 when both musicians recorded fresh songs attacking each other.Big hearty congratulations to them, and we look forward to some cute baby pictures soon!