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Branching into other arenas than acting, Prepon also served as executive producer of the film.In 2005, Prepon co-starred with Misha Collins in the psychological thriller Karla, based on the true story of Paul Bernardo and his wife Karla Homolka, a Canadian couple who kidnapped, sexually abused, and murdered three girls, marking a contrast to her usual lighthearted roles."If you wanna have babies and remodel your bathroom, then please: go, do, nest," she says. Alex comes off as being more loyal, more genuine in her love for Piper.

Like, I remember one of my best friends, I brought him to my aunt’s wedding in Jersey, and I had warned him, “Listen, at some point in the night, Meatloaf’s ‘Paradise by the Dashboard Light’ is going to play — and we do a dance to it.” And he’s like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever.” At the end of the night, it was played. Donna became the girlfriend and next-door neighbor of Eric Forman (Topher Grace).Randy Pearson (Josh Meyers), who was introduced in the eighth and final season of the series, became Donna's third love interest after Grace left the series.Prepon co-starred in the romantic comedy Slackers, which is about three best friends who try to scam their way through college and eventually get caught.

In 2001, she made her film debut in Steve Hanft's musical comedy-drama Southlander with Beck, Beth Orton and Hank Williams III, where she played Seven=Five, a young TV telepathic.

So Taylor and I could have come up with a funny, retarded dance — sorry, I know I shouldn’t use that word — but most of the time, no matter what it is, you have to bring in a choreographer. We’ll talk about that when we’re having a cocktail or something. The lead guy with the shaggy hair [Scott Michael Foster], that’s my ex-boyfriend. We’re business partners; we have Neighbros together. I direct it, I edit it, we write it together — it’s me, him, and our other friend Jaime [Jorn] — and it’s just this really fun thing we’d do on our free time. I want to pull at this "guy friends" thread a little more, because you’ve said it before in other interviews.