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They were that perfect combination of nervous and giddy about the tournament."The best swing tip I ever got is to hold my follow-through," Caoimhe (pronounced Kwee-vah) says. If they don't tee off at the same time, the dad (the preferred caddie for the majority of players) can caddie for both."Sadly, I have to give my dad credit for that one."For parents, having two kids in the U. If the tee times happen at the same time, Mom or a coach can sub in.There was no way the three could play together quietly, so they were advised to separate while walking down each hole.One walked on the far right side of the fairway, one on the far left and one in the middle.

The triplets told of being grouped together in a tournament. Perhaps you saw the Netflix documentary "The Short Game," which followed a group of competitors and their parents at the 2012 tournament.Gratification these days is as immediate as a like on Instagram, so why are all these youngsters choosing a game that takes so much time and effort? It doesn't feel good to see a 7-year-old with a smoother action than you.And when it comes to finding that balance of staying happy and focused, Tommy Morrissey, 5, of Palm Beach Gardens, has a practical answer."Put on music and dance to have more fun," Tommy says.

He recommends such tunes as "Turn Down For What" by DJ Snake and Lil Jon, "My House" by Flo Rida, and anything that Bruno Mars sings. Born with one arm, Tommy has a unique golf ability and has garnered social-media fame, magazine articles, television appearances and invitations to perform in exhibitions.

"It's so we don't smack-talk too much," Alex says.

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