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How do you explain Di Caprio, Mc Bongo, or Tobey Maguire?Those guys are all good looking but there are hundreds of guys who are better looking and have better bodies.Hopefully, I was smarter than both of those characters! I think Doug would be smarter than Stifler, because Doug knows that he’s dumb. What’s strange is, I don’t think they’re ever going to make those kinds of comedies again—like, raunchy, R-rated, kind of bromance comedy—because they’re just not making money.I was a jock, but I was nothing like those characters. That’s a character.’ I kind of took some of their traits from a lot of my friends, but yeah, I was a little more friendly in high school. But I obviously have a real love and fondness for those movies because I wouldn’t have a career without them. It’s funny, when you think of the American Pie movies now, they seem so tame.“I’m going to rock out with my c—k out.” It’s always fun to hear that when I’m hanging with my mom in public. Is there one past co-star in particular that you’d love to work with again? What’s the most meaningful thing you’ve ever kept from a set?Actually, at the end of this last Goon movie, there’s a huge bloody fight.So much so, he claims that he never had a girlfriend until he was 30 years old. News also notes that he said that he had no interest in chasing girls like his character in the movie series, given in large to the fact that he had a long-term girlfriend at the time.[quote]Do tell-How are you on the DL and don't know about DEN?! It was an entertainment company run by a bunch of Hollywood chickenhawks who made "Chad's World" , a show about young gay boys (fun casting! The show starred Seann William Scott who was one of the young approachable faces of DEN to make the boys more comfortable.

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All that being said, SWS is essentially an aging female starlet. Some of those boys are just pissed that they gave up their buttholes at a young age and it didn't materialize into a career.

This Friday, Scott reprises his role as bar bouncer-turned-pro hockey enforcer Doug Glatt in Goon: Last of the Enforcers.