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See article Dog Is My Co-Pilot (And Other Bad Ideas).The first thing you need to do is check with the airline for their rules regarding pet travel.If you have a dog that suffers from travel anxiety or carsickness please fill out our survey.The information you share about your experiences will help many other dogs. Please note: Unless otherwise stated, products, services, and/or companies mentioned, or links to same, are for illustration purposes only and their inclusion does not constitute an endorsement from Preventive Vet.Medication can relieve anxiety and help your dog enjoy car travel.In these instances you’re going to have to consult with your veterinarian for specifics.

Make sure you bring your dog’s blankie or his favorite stuffed animal, toy, bone—any item which is familiar to your dog and will comfort and relax him.

the family heading off to the coast, kids and pooches eager for the journey and playing in the ocean. Travel anxiety and carsickness can ruin a road trip before it even hits the highway. Fortunately, quite a few things – give the suggestions in this article a whirl to make Fido a better traveler.

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