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These meridians carry energy into, through and out of your body, feeding this energy to the organs and affecting every physiological system (nervous; immune; circulatory; respiratory; digestive; skeletal; muscular; endocrine).A similar analogy is how blood is carried throughout the body through a network of veins.You don’t need to know the “why” for these techniques to work, and it is not a matter of “believing” they will work.You are working with your own body to move energy into a more balanced and vital state.Thus, if you are in a state of continual stress about threats (real or imagined), your body will deal with them in the same way.Triple Warmer has a tendency to be overactive because today’s society is full of many “little” stresses that we can react to constantly.

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These days, the simple act of someone cutting us of in traffic can activate that flight or fight response and therefore put Triple Warmer into over drive which then sucks the energy out of Spleen Meridian due the Yin/Yang connection.Energy Medicine focuses on the balancing the energetic fields of the body, similarly to how conventional medicine focuses on the state of the physical body (the cells, organs, and chemistry etc).The field itself is vast and complex, but the exercises for helping with stress relief are very simple, available 24/7 and free. I’ve gone into some detail here for those who are interested in the “why”, but if you just want to try the exercises, then jump to the You Tube demonstrations.It was explained how different times of the day certain organs and energy systems are more activated than others as well as the relationship between the opposite meridians within the chart.

They explained the important role of Triple Warmer is simply keeping us alive which is why it plays a strong part in the over all energy system.

For a more detailed explanation of what Energy Medicine is all about, please go to the website of Donna Eden, founder of Eden Energy Medicine at.

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    Oct 12, 2015. There are a few staples to sedating triple warmer that are great go-tos and easy to remember and practice. An important part of using these techniques is setting your intention to calm your body and make it feel safe. Breathing deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth gets your energy.…
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    If you think a lot of your meridians are unbalanced; OR, you're pretty sure that your Triple Warmer meridian is over-reactive and switched-on most of the time leading to feelings of overwhelm, and regular fight /flight / freeze impulses, use the acupressure points for sedating the Triple Warmer meridian before working with.…
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    The Triple Warmer Meridian originates from the tip of the ring finger, by the outside corner of the nail, passes between the knuckles of the fourth and fifth fingers, on to the wrist. From here it ascends between the two bones of the forearm radius and ulna, through the tip of the elbow, and up the back of the arm to the.…
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    Mar 14, 2017. The remainder of the week three module in the course focused on techniques you can apply to sedate Triple warmer and therefore allow Spleen to have more energy. This leads to your over all energy system having more energy resulting in greater physical and mental wellbeing. Strengthening the Spleen.…