Self confidence in dating

I like Ron msg 19 answer and my hats goes off that he found his confidence after a bad relationship.Major things like job loss, terminal illness, a breakup of a long term relationship or something like that is understandable.I am open and say what I think, people do not like that, it is too much for them.Whenever I go to talk to someone in the real world, try to join a conversation or whatnot, people shut down. I have also noticed this in the forums, I make a post, and very few will actually respond/reply to my posts.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. Someone is about to disbelief what I am about to say. First time I got rejected it was thru a dating site. So I never got rejected by any woman until I turned 43 and it was over the internet. But since I know who and what I am my confidence increases each year. We feel lower than scum at times as we surface out of these relationships.

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There are a million people here that can't possibly know each other that well, so it can't be personal.I suggest everyone try it sometime definitely can't hurt!Online and the real world on not that different for me. Lol The people that don’t talk to me in the real world wouldn’t talk to me here. After a year of being online, talking, dating, a few relationships, making friends with total strangers; I AM confident that I have something of value to offer other people.