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If you want to grow your own hydrangea plants, you can produce new … With sadness, we must inform you that we have closed our operations, and our website is no longer active.All drivers were re-installed with the addition of gasketing material to further seal and eliminate any flange to baffle rattles and buzzes.Attenuators 'PAINSTAKINGLY' removed and cleaned for static free operation.Gasketing added to the attenuator plates prior to re-installation as well.

Here is an example of one that we just finished servicing this week.I was actually not really looking forward to auditioning this pair of speakers as I expected them to perform like their 'smaller' versions, only 'bigger'. These are one of the best 'mid-fi' speakers I've heard in a long time. They are able to handle "power" better MUCH than your average speaker.Not simply referring to their wattage rating, but just the way they perform at higher power / volume levels without "falling apart" sonically.He replaced the surrounds, with fresh foam on all four (4), 12" woofers.

He removed the 'inhibiting' black paint form the Silver colored, 'Mylar' tweeter domes (this was added to make the 'shiny' silver domes, not be visible thru the speaker grill cloth, but that was at the cost of sonics).

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