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I have wonderful friendships with you dear people sitting here this morning, but God intended for marriage to be the “first system of interdependent relationships,” as this manual puts it.

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We have to be careful here at church not to abuse the idea that single people can just shove everything to the side and hang around here, running food banks and organizing hikes and heading up softball tournaments and cleaning up all the messes.But do we believe today that a God in heaven has intentionally given us these friendships? I have sometimes gotten into fascinating conversations at the grocery store or at Circuit City. This life is all there is, good or bad, long or short, easy or hard. If there is no planning and designing God, then all of our friendships, our loves, our families, our intimacy—are projects we must find and accomplish on our own. But I find in my own experience as a son, then a husband, then a father and grandfather, that I plainly see the guiding of God. I discovered wholeness and oneness because God wanted me to have those blessings.Sometimes when store clerks discover I’m a pastor, I use that as an opportunity to ask them: “Are you a church-going kind of guy? I have seen people who were floundering and frustrated; their spiritual life was a two on the one-to-ten scale. Today they have physical oneness, emotional oneness, spiritual oneness.But there are times when ministry and long hours are easier to give away if you don’t have a husband or a wife.

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