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Resource requests generally include:• High resolution digital photographs; • Access to existing digital images via download; • Digital inkjet prints.To make a request, please write or e-mail: Oak Spring Garden Library Digital Resource Request1746 Loughborough Lane, Upperville, Virginia 20184 USA With your request, please include your name, organization, position, the specific items you are requesting, and the specific intended use of the requested items.Currently, available options include: • Digital imaging requests • Research visits to OSGL • Online access to the Library’s rare-book and manuscript database • Online access to the Library's botanical artwork digitizing project More information is available via the links above.If you have any questions or have a special request, please email the Library.Record-level results will return the entire record along with access to digital images (if available) of the individual items within the manuscript. An informative first edition by the English physician, Thomas Moffett, who compiled one of the first treatises on insects. New-York--- Cummings and Hilliard, and Bradford and Reed, Boston , --- E. OLIVAS HABEBIS IN OMNIBUS TERMINIS TUIS & NON UNGERIS OLEO, QUIA DEFLUENT & PERIBUNT. The volume also contains wonderful engravings of plants, fruits, costal views, and ships. AUTHOR OF HORTUS SUBURBANUS LONDINENSIS, HORTUS BRITANNICUS, BOTANICAL CULTIVATOR, THE BRITISH FLOWER GARDEN, GERANIACEAE, CISTINEAE, THE FLORIST’S GUIDE, THE BRITISH WARBLERS, &C. WHITE, JOHN (circa 1756-1832) JOURNAL OF A VOYAGE TO NEW SOUTH WALES WITH SIXTY-FIVE PLATES OF NON DESCRIPT ANIMALS, BIRDS, LIZARDS, SERPENTS, CURIOUS CONES OF TREES AND OTHER NATURAL PRODUCTIONS BY JOHN WHITE ESQRE. Several sketches of birds and plants were done by convicts who had previous careers as professional forgers.Item-level searchs provide direct links to available digital images, along with basic information about the item and, if desired, access to the parent record. A first edition in book form and first issued in 20 parts between 18. This also being the first one published in England; the work illustrates and describes insect habits, habitats, breeding and economic importance, plus a compelling emphasis on bees. This is a first official account of the voyage to Botany Bay. This is the first edition of Putsche’s famous monograph on the potato, Solanum tuberosum. SORGUES, PAUL DE & BERTHAULT, RAYMOND LES RAISINS SECS LEUR ROLE ET LEUR IMPORTANCE DANS L’ALIMENTATION ETUDE ECONOMIQUE ET SOCIALE PAR PAUL DE SORGUES ET RAYMOND BERTHAULT HISTORIQUE-PRODUCTION-IMPORTATION-EXPORTATION-TARIFS DE DOUANES LE COMMERCE DES VINS DE RAISINS SECS CONSOMMATION-IMPOSITIONS-LEGISLATION-DIVERS USAGES DES RAISINS SECS LES NOUVELLES MESURES HYGIENE – LA SCIENCE ET LES RAISINS SECS – TRAITES DE COMMERCE LES RAISINS AU PARLEMENT ET A L’ACADEMIE-CONSIDERATIONS ECONOMIQUES ET SOCIALES LES RAISINS SECS ET LEUR ROLE DANS L’ALIMENTATION OUVRIERE. Many of the plates issued in this publication were drawn in England by several contemporary natural history artists that actually based their work on the convicts’ sketches.Searches can be made for rare books as well as for manuscripts. PHILLIP, ARTHUR (GOVERNOR, 1738-1814) THE VOYAGE OF GOVERNOR PHILLIP TO BOTANY BAY; WITH AN ACCOUNT OF THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE COLONIES OF PORT JACKSON & NORFOLK ISLAND; COMPILED FROM AUTHENTIC PAPERS, WHICH HAVE BEEN OBTAINED FROM THE SEVERAL DEPARTMENTS. Phillip also listed the convicts that were sent to help build and organize the new commune. [RICH, OLIVER O.] SYNOPSIS OF THE GENERA OF AMERICAN PLANTS, ACCORDING TO THE LATEST IMPROVEMENTS ON THE LINNAEN SYSTEM: WITH THE NEW GENERA OF MICHAUX AND OTHERS. --- WAS EV’RY FAULTERING TONGUE OF MAN, ALMIGHTY FATHER! SUMMER, WILLIAM (1815-1878) (POMARIA NURSERIES, SOUTH CAROLINA) [In manuscript: REVISED PRICE LIST.] ESTABLISHED 1840. It is considered to be a very important source for the history of the construction and equipment of Dutch ships during the 17th century.

The Oak Spring Garden Library's website focuses primarily on the botanic works from within the rare book and manuscript collections. Brendel Studio in the early 1900s with moveable sections to demonstrate the various parts of the plant.These websites may provide useful information concerning plant sciences and other related fields.There are, of course, many other organizations with websites offering online resources that are not listed here. The first and only edition of Sgrilli’s description of the highly acclaimed Medici villa and garden at Pratolino.The studio’s main objective is to digitize works for access via the OSGL web site and other online access portals.

The Library also considers direct requests for specific resources that reside in the Library’s collection but have not yet been digitized for online access.

The Oak Spring Garden Library is home to a large collection of rare books, manuscripts, works of art, and other artifacts relating to gardens, gardening, landscape design, horticulture, and botany.