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We used a sample of keywords found blocked on other apps used in China and systematically tested that sample in two modes: one-to-one chat and group chat.We found a greater number of keywords blocked on group chat compared to one-to-one chat, which suggests that communications on group chat are specifically targeted, potentially because group chats can reach a larger number of users.Media coverage: Bloomberg, Reuters, Wall Street Journal, The Globe and Mail, Quartz.微信 in Chinese), is the dominant chat application in China and fourth largest in the world, with 806 millionmonthly active users.We proceed by providing an overview of the legal and regulatory system in China, past work on censorship on We Chat, report our new results, and conclude with a discussion on the implications of our findings.We Chat thrives on the huge user base it has amassed in China, but the Chinese market carries unique challenges.But a Chinese colleague assured Ms James that the original Chinese used – “hei laowai” – was a neutral phrase. It found that in some sentences the phrase “black foreigner” was translated neutrally, but when the phrase was used in a negative context, the app translated it into the N-word. "We're very sorry for the inappropriate translation”, a spokesperson told Sixth Tone.

This change means there is no feedback to users that censorship has occured making the restrictions on We Chat less transparent.We Chat’s parent company, Tencent, is worth $275 million, making it the world’s tenth most valuable public company, according to The Economist. Ng, and Masashi Crete-Nishihata 阅读报告中文摘要 Read a blog post on the report from Citizen Lab Director Ron Deibert.If the message includes a keyword that has been targeted for blocking, the message will not be sent.