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When you find those judgmental thoughts rise up—and they will, if only to distract yourself from your own embarrassment and shame—say to yourself, “That’s none of my business.I don’t know their situation,” and refocus your attention on the task at hand.Is it OK to fantasize about someone you know in real life if you are assured that you’ll keep it at just that, a fantasy? But your second question is substantially different—you’re asking whether or not it’s wise for you to base your actions on increasing your proximity to the object of fantasy, and my answer to that is That’s not to say that if you agree to this freelance project that you’re doomed to cheat on your husband, but it is true that the times we’re likeliest to lie to ourselves about our own motives are generally also the times we’re overestimating our own willpower.Furthermore, this co-worker and I have a chance to work together more closely on a freelance project. I’m fairly certain this is just a fantasy-level attraction and I know I would not act on it. If you want to keep this fantasy a fantasy, why would you go out of your way to spend more time with this guy? Re: Resentment over free food: My cousin is a single mother with almost no income and I often give her my old clothes and accessories, including designer bags that I no longer use.When it comes to the short term (namely, how to deal with persistent men on the soon-to-be-rare occasion that you go out dancing), it’s an unfortunate truth that a lot of the time—especially with drunk strangers—saying “I’m a lesbian” to a would-be suitor does not result in “Oh, OK, best of luck, thrive and be well in the sisterhood of women.” A lot of guys take it as an opportunity to either try harder or to discuss any and every thought or feeling they’ve ever had about homosexuality with you.

It’s your job to look after yourself and your family. I usually just try to say I’m gay and dance away from them, but sometimes they’re really persistent.A: Let this be your mantra whenever you visit the food bank: “Everyone is here due to circumstances beyond their control, fate, and bad timing.I don’t know the details of anyone else’s situation.Also, how can I avoid getting down when it feels like everyone else can find someone but me?

I know there are queer women everywhere and I’m likely just overlooking them.

And since I look really “femme,” often they either don’t believe me or get this whole shocked vibe like, Walking home last weekend, after all my friends paired off with men they met, I just felt so out of place.