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The incident came a day before US President Barack Obama hailed his healthcare legislation, nicknamed Obamacare, a success after 7.1 million people had signed up for the coverage.About 50 million Americans lacked health care coverage as the law began taking effect, and supporters hope it will significantly reduce the ranks of the uninsured.Republicans have bitterly opposed the law, but many Democrats hope it will be regarded as a defining moment in Obama’s presidency.

You basically become your own boss and earn as much as you want.“These parents are clearly willing to pay handsomely to make sure the sex talk is handled in the best way possible.“It can be difficult for any parent to admit they need help, but I’m sure these parents will be able to find someone in our community of 500,000 childcare professionals to help them.Part of the “education” will include the topics of sex (from foreplay to penetration), rape culture, periods and masturbation.

They also hope the topic of gender will be discussed, including transgender and non-binary, which they admit they would “really struggle” with if they had to cover themselves.

The sessions will also be recorded in case the children need a refresher on any of the subjects in the future.