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Upon discovering a naked, wandering Eric, who had his memory wiped out by Antonia/Marnie, Sookie takes him in.They develop a relationship, and Eric gradually falls in love with Sookie.After letting Bill and Eric feed from her to heal them, she breaks off her relationship with both vampires.She returns home where Debbie Pelt, who blames Sookie after being abjured by Alcide, is waiting with a shotgun.Sookie sees her Gran, Adele Stackhouse, and confesses she is lost without her.Gran tells her the answer is in her heart, and that there's no fear in being alone.Under Antonia/Marnie's control he tries to kill Bill, but Sookie uses her faerie light to stop him and remove the spell.

True Blood is an American television drama series created and produced by Alan Ball.Unknown to the group, Marnie uses Lafayette's medium ability to inhabit his body, after which she kills Jesus for his magic and attempts to kill Bill and Eric.Holly creates a safe circle and, with the help of Tara and Sookie, calls for friends, family members, and ancestors from beyond to help them.Tara jumps in the firing line and is shot in the head, after which Sookie fatally shoots Debbie.

Season 5 begins Sookie and Lafayette reluctantly convincing Pam to turn Tara in to a vampire, a decision causes tension between Sookie and vampire-hating Tara.

The actor has been dating the leggy Dutch investment banker - who is 20 years his junior - following he split from his second wife Melanie Griffith in 2014, and their relationship appears to be as solid as Antonio's chiselled jaw.