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And while people may come to class feeling miserable, they leave smiling and happy.We don’t know why it helps yet, but I know it does.’'Since starting Zumba in May 2011, I have lost more than a stone and I don’t diet – I eat what I like.

I have about ten students of different levels of ability.‘I am on medication to control my condition but I believe I take less because of the dance.Rhythmic rocking, or shifting weight from foot to foot – a strategy commonly used to address muscle ‘freezing’ in Parkinson’s – was singled out as particularly beneficial.Joy says: ‘During classes, we do steps that move from samba to tango, from merengue to salsa – it’s mentally challenging. Also, dopamine is released when we learn something new.It could be used to slow mental decline in dementia patients.

Basically, the more brain mass you have, the longer it will take for the disease to eat it away.’Josie Gardiner, 67, a former dancer who teaches the class, says: ‘Participants tell us they feel more balanced and stronger.

‘What was particularly surprising was that after 12 weeks, there were further advances.’Lead researcher Professor Terry Eckmann, an expert on the academic study of fitness, particularly in ageing populations, is enthusiastic.