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Even though I purged and purged, I was still forced to leave crap behind in California.The essentials, sadly not including wine, were all that would fit into my Beetle.Also, I’m so goddamn tired of driving my car over mountain passes. At this point, you are probably delirious with boredom, so Deeth Starr is obviously Death Star.

It was just a snow shower and nothing was really sticking to the ground, but it was a first nonetheless. I guess there are flat surfaces on the Na Cl that reflect light like water.Lane is initially styled in a manner to capture the desire of the young to be sporting the latest fashion, this time in long pleat skirt, mid riff exposing top and metallic sneakers.Steph is first seen in her athletic attire before making way for a bodycon dress in the style of the older 20 something women who can afford a better wardrobe and chose to go with the sex appeal path over comfort.Sorry to get all science-y (and probably wrong) there.