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Germany’s budding anti-Semitism had its roots in the peoples’ animosity to “internationalist bankers” who imposed harsh reparations on the defeated Germans of WW I through the much-hated Treaty of Versailles.Both the American and German sides were represented by the Jewish bankers, Paul and Max Warburg respectively.

And with the popularity of military “heroes” such as Admiral Mike Mullins who opines to TV audiences on secular matters such as “deficits,” and General David Petraeus, now being touted as a 2012 presidential contender, the comparing of modern-day America with pre-WW II Germany is a valid study in historical precedents.It wasn’t so much the fact that he was displeased with Sessions - his appointee - but with the way he let it be known.He f—king tweeted it, for all the world to know, when it shouldn't have been any of the world’s business.on at least two grounds - the battlefield and the minds of the people via propaganda.

Perceptions of “good guys” and “bad guys” — or whether wars should be fought or shunned — can be altered by those who control the vehicles of propaganda, namely, the press and television.

Judaic control notwithstanding, as Hitler once took the press from the Jews in 1934, (Ullstein Press was the largest publisher of newspapers in Weimar Germany), a military seizure of the US press could very well take place.

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