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Nitrous oxide and methane are the two other greenhouse gas emissions monitored by the EPA.Coal-fired plants produce large amounts of carbon dioxide in proportion to the other greenhouse gases.He was part of an appeal against the Homer City coal-fired plant that led to better enforcement limits on sulfur dioxide emissions there.While still keeping an eye on coal, environmental groups such as his have already turned much of their attention to the natural gas industry.As President Trump last week announced that he was ending what he deemed President Barack Obama’s “war on coal,” there was quieter news with perhaps more direct impact on Pennsylvania’s coal industry and environment.General Electric said it had orders for two state-of-the-art gas turbines for a power plant to be built in Jackson Township, Cambria County.“In terms of Pennsylvania, the Trump rollback isn’t really going to change much of what was happening,” De Carlo said. It’s much easier to build a natural gas plant than a coal plant.

“That could mean deactivating, or retiring plants,” Walton said of the evaluation, which she noted is the result of “challenges with the competitive market.” Bruce Mansfield uses seven millions tons of coal a year and employs 350 people.“Because Pennsylvania has such an abundance of cheap natural gas, it’s driving electric power generation away from coal,” says David Hess, a former head of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.“It has nothing to do with anything else.” Hess said that the state is likely to meet Obama’s Clean Power Plan rules limiting greenhouse gases emitted by coal-fired plants - even with Trump’s rollback.So De Carlo says a growth in methane could be worrisome.

De Carlo’s testing showed a rise in methane in the Marcellus Shale region of Northeastern Pennsylvania - even though the number of wells being drilled had fallen.

In some areas, methane levels rose by 300 percent, he determined. “That is the million dollar question,” he said, noting that compressor stations can leak methane as can pipelines.

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