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Within this overcrowded market, Keeler's comprehensive and scientific approach distinguished her writing from the glut of nature writing available to the public.Her 1900 book became a seminal amateur work on the subject and would be reprinted over a dozen times.By the time of Keeler's first foray into publishing nature writing, a tradition of women botanists preceded her.The opportunities and experiences afforded to Harriet Keeler as a teacher and student converged with the release of her first book on amateur botany in 1894, .

The conversation began wth the most pressing of questions: had the unmarried 65 year old ever had a romance in her life?In an era characterized by limited educational and career opportunities for American women, Harriet Keeler found celebrity in Cleveland as a nature writer, educator and social reformer.A memorial to the author in Cleveland Metroparks Brecksville Reservation marks her many achievements, as well as the legacy she carved out pursuing a love of teaching and nature. Keeler was chosen as the temporary superintendent of schools for the sixth largest city in the United States.An extensive knowledge of science, Latin terminology, and classical literature, combined with the educator's sensibility for arranging information in a comprehensive and digestible format, can be credited for the popular success of Keeler's writing. Not only did her book coincide with the first realized efforts to develop a park system in Cleveland, but the concept of nature was finding new relevance throughout the United States.

An increasingly literate female and male population was enamored with birds, flowers, and trees.

Harriet Keeler, in the company of countless other middle- and upper-class American women at the turn of the 20th century, navigated through cultural restrictions using preconceived ideals of womanhood as a springboard for creating professional and personal opportunities.